Monday, November 5, 2007

Spitz Dogs - Norwegian Elkhounds

What to know all about Norwegian Elkhounds?


The Norwegian Elkhound traces it's history back about 6,000 years. It was a companion of the Vikings and is a part of the Spitz family. It is the national dog of Norway and has an impressive array of attributes.

The Norwegian Elkhound has been used as a hunting dog for thousands of years, with an apt ability to chase, corner and trap other beasts, including large game. The Norwegian Elkhound is very bold when faced with other animals, able to keep at bay very large game with intense barking.


Norwegian Elkhounds are a medium size dog, with a thick grey double coat of medium length with black and white markings, wedged shaped ears, powerful stance and beautifully balanced proportions, a tightly curled tail, muscular hind quarters and board chest. Although it shares some similarities in appearance with Siberian Husky's and Alaskan Malamute's the Norwegian Elkhound is generally more attractive. Norwegian Elkhound puppies are also very cute!


The Norwegian Elkhound is a powerful hunting dog but is the friendliest temperament I have encounter of the Spitz family. Elkhounds are highly social dog's that are well suited to families with children. Caution must be taken with small children, as the Norwegian Elkhound is energetic with a tendency to jump. The Norwegian Elkhound is a very loyal dog, treat him with care and you will have a very special companion for life.


Elkhounds require lots of time, frequent exercise and brushing as they shed frequently. However their fur does not usually become matted. Elkhounds have a very durable, dirt resistant coat. They do not require frequent bathing and generally do not have much of an odour. Bathing once a year under normal circumstances is sufficient if you are grooming everyday.


Norwegian Elkhounds are highly intelligent and need a lot of stimulation. They are a strong willed dog and require strict training, assert you dominance early! Norwegian Elkhounds can easily learn basic commands like sit, down and shake. It is far harder, however, to teach a Norwegian Elkhound to walk nicely beside you. Their hunting instinct can take over during walks. Always keep your Norwegian Elkhound on a lead. You may be suprised how much they love to 'water the plants' when outdoors.


Norwegian Elkhounds were never designed to eat dog food. It is best to feed your Elkhound on human grade meat, fruit and vegetables and cereals. This however is time consuming and expensive. Elkhounds love their food, make sure they do not over feed, especially if they aren't getting enough exercise, they will put on weight easily!

If you are going to feed your Elkhound a dry dog food, make sure it is a good one. Try to give your Elkhound some carrot and apples, they love them! Mine loves banana's and left overs.

Your Norwegian Elkhound does not need wet canned food. However it can be used as a treat, one is awhile of course!

Is an Norwegian Elkhound for me?

Elkhounds are a delightful and have tonnes of character and will be a great companion if you have time for them. If you don’t like brushing, taking walks and frequent barking Elkhounds are not for you.

Buying a Norwegian Elkhound

Depending on where you live it may be difficult to find Norwegian Elkhound breeders, you may have to look overseas or interstate. Make sure you get a pure bred elkhound to ensure the quality of your pet. Elkhounds do not have many of the Health problems that plague other breeds. Always check the breeding stock i.e mum and dad!

The positives of owning a Norwegian Elkhound outweigh the negatives and owning one is a rewarding exprience. I hope to post more Norwegian Elkhound Photo's.

My Elkhound - The hunting dog!

I have a 4 year old male Norwegian Elkhound. He is an expert at catching flies, when one is in the house we let the dog in and he catches the fly and eats it, amazing! He is also good at catching lizards, bees and rats. When he makes a catch he is very proud of himself!

Norwegian Elkhound Rescue

Rather than purchasing a Norwegian Elkhound you may want to adpot a mistreated or abandoned Elkhound from a Norwegian Elkhound Rescue oganisation. To find out more about it just 'google it'.

Norwegian Elkhound Video

This will change regularly, so come back and visit!

My wife and I have a 7 month old baby boy, our Norwegian Elkhound Duke has been very gentle with him. Our boy loves Duke, they are sure to be best friends. Even though we trust our Elkhound we NEVER leave him alone with the baby!!

Tell me about some of the funny this your Norwegian Elkhound does, I'm going to post soon on "Funny things Elkhounds do". Just post a comment.!